Husni is an entrepreneur and management professional boasting 22+ years of extensive experience leading strategic initiatives across industries including Information Technology, fast-paced businesses, as well as online and social media.


Husni is a well-educated and highly experienced International business development professional with a wealth of experience gained mostly in ICT/Digital sector, transferable to a multitude of industries, I am a versatile individual. In possession of a proven track record in successfully analysing situations and making complex operating, administrative and procedural decisions in order to deliver the most efficient, beneficial and timely outcomes. I consider myself fortunate to have worked for globally recognised brands such as Google and Yahoo, shouldering great responsibility at an early stage of my career. The experience that I have gained over the last 15 years in and outside of the ICT/Digital spectrum, has provided me with the ability to adapt quickly and make efficient decisions, often in the spur of the moment. 

Throughout his career, Husni has focused on analyzing business trends to establish business growth strategies, research market structure and spearheaded strategic initiatives to build businesses from the ground up including efforts on revenues, sales and regional growth. Starting up his own consultancy firm, leading the efforts for regional start ups and managing Google’s efforts in the UAE and other markets in the MENA region This helped to provide Husni with a wide vision on how to nurture small businesses and the experience to localize and emerge with top companies in the world.


Husni received a BA of Law from Amman University and his Executive MBA from London Business School. 


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